Brand Personality | Definition and Impact of Brand Personality

Brand Personality | Definition and Impact of Brand Personality

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Brand personality… !? You heard right; All the famous brands in the world have their own personalities and use human qualities. In a simple example we can say:
What qualities come to your mind when you are thinking about a person?

The first is about gender and, of course, age; You need to know that brands also have gender, your brand can be identified based on being new / old (age) and masculine / feminine (gender).

Of course, it should be noted that such descriptions are not directly specific to the brand itself, but can be part of a brand's activities and products.

The brand's visual identity and brand personality is actually a set of human characteristics attributed to a brand; But you may be wondering what effect this has on branding and ultimately business sales?
The answer to such a question is very clear and easy to understand, just as people prioritize important people in their lives based on personality and traits, so do their favorite brands! For example, imagine two stores that both have the same product but one with regular decoration and good manners and the other with cluttered layout and very cold behavior, in such cases the first sentence that comes to mind is: not customer oriented!

But it does not end there, the example above is just a very simple example of Brand Personality; Today, personality brand is one of the hot topics of competition in the world of branding. In the following, we will have a comprehensive look at the types of brand personality and examine its most important elements; Be with us… We also suggest you read the relevant article to get acquainted with specific names for branding.
Brand Personality

What is the brand personality?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, brand personality and identity is a set of attributes that are attributed to a brand and business; Today, the personality brand is recognized as one of the most important influential elements in branding; In fact, the special and unique personality of your brand will increase customer confidence and ultimately increase your sales. Note that you need to know the difference between branding and marketing and sales so as not to get lost in this way.

Aside from gender and antiquity, factors such as: logo design and brand logo, organizational color, tone, specific slogan, etc. are among the elements that help your brand personality; In a simpler example, the brand can be compared to a newborn baby! The brand is also born and grows; So it is very important that your money-making child has a unique personality.

What is the impact of Brand Personality on the business?

Today, a variety of advertising methods are offered in a different way, so that while watching the movie, you may encounter an advertising message; This is a vital point that can be summed up in the word "competition", a challenge that every business will definitely face! The question that arises is how to have a say in this highly competitive market?

Brand personality; A factor that blurs the line between buyer and seller and penetrates the emotions of users! Clearly, not only today, but for a long time now, people have been dealing with a product or service quite emotionally, even if the second option is a better choice for them.
Brand Personality

Where is your place among the huge amount of advertising data?

Have you ever wondered why so many people are attracted to Benz cars among this number of car companies? Does Benz offer its users possibilities beyond its competitors?

They follow BMW cars, even if they have never ridden them before! The distinctiveness of each brand's personality definitely attracts fans! Fans who, even if they can't afford it, defend their brand against other brands as an advertising chain and promote it with all their might.

Rajeb Think of your business, do you call your brand personality responsible? Naturally ask any business manager such a question, he will definitely give you a positive answer; But the question is, do people think the same? If you believe that your brand has a responsible personality, you have to pay the price, otherwise your brand will be called a deceptive and ugly personality over time.

Tell your story!

Now you are a writer, consider your brand identity and create your own story! The story line that gets users to follow you, your brand StoryTelling can be educational, memorable, intoxicating, and so on. But in order to be able to define your own story, you must first know your brand identity and then follow the steps below.

Develop a strategy
Audience analysis
Specify the message (your main goal)
Choose a story style
Invitation to action
Select the publication method
Brand Personality

What are 5 examples of brand personality (archetypal branding)?

Throughout the article, we addressed the issue of brand identity and examined its impact; Now, the question may arise for many people, how to build our brand personality? One of the best ways to build a brand is to use archetypal branding, which is based on the principles of the Jung school.

In a simple sense, archetypes are known as behavioral patterns, each with its own attributes; Here are some examples of archetypal branding (archetype).

But before you read on, keep in mind that (archetypal branding) should be chosen according to the nature and type of your business, while having a complex archetype is not a reason for its uniqueness, but its simplicity. Helps to better understand the audience.
But before you read on, keep in mind that (archetypal branding) should be chosen according to the nature and type of your business, while having a complex archetype is not a reason for its uniqueness, but its simplicity. Helps to better understand the audience.

In the archetype, or indeed the innocent archetype, the fear of committing sin has always been bold, these groups are optimistic and eager, but if they are positive; You should know that in the worst case, they can be very irritating and childish!

Fans of such archetypes are always looking for a direct link to their favorite brand, while hating sinful ads; If you are planning to make such an archetype for your business, it is best to look at your business context first, as such businesses are, in short, reliable and simple. Examples of their advertisements can be seen in the billboard design models of these brands and then you can see the audience engaging with them.

Heroic brand personality
Stability and value are paramount in such archetypes, such people hate failure and, at worst, are arrogant and aggressive! Customers of this type are doubly important to the quality and value of their product and brand; If you want to build your business based on your hero's personality, you need to have a significant competitive advantage over your competitors in the first place.

When it comes to archetypal branding of a creative personality, it is necessary to mention the Apple brand name; Over the years, Apple has proven to be a creative brand in its innovation and advertising; In contrast, the customers of such businesses are looking for different and unique advertisements; It is also important to know that such people are often imaginative and innovative in their approach and can look narcissistic at worst.

Value-based advertising of power and value is one of the main archetypal features of such businesses; In fact, you should know that such businesses are successful brands in the market and are the so-called "Mafia". The ruling archetype always seeks power and fears destruction; Such people often display high management discipline, but on the other hand can be very strict and immoral.

Sage archetype is always looking for the truth of the story! Such people are afraid of misguidance and ignorance and look at the issues ahead rationally and intellectually; Such customers often have high information and are looking for new data.

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